Smart Choice Books for Kids

How Children Learn

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When Children Learn

You don’t teach an old dog new tricks, not unles you are attempting to understand the proper learning curve. You start educating the child earlier on in life. Some parents play mucis tothe shild in the womb, hoping to sharpen their easthetic sensibiities. Doctors advice you to eat nuts while pregnant, or feed children with nut infused product at an early age to help build resistance to nut allergy. Time is of the essence, it must be said. There is no time like the presnece. So basically, now, and always. The child is a sponge, ready to soak in as uch knowledge as you can afford to give.

Who Children Learn From

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You know you child in in a mind challenging school when you hear your child say things like;

I don’t like


My teacher hates me!

What you don’t want is your child skipping school. That’s the sign that things are really going wrong, somewhere.

A good book about math, can sometime help

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Onwuegbute’s books for children is a smart choice at an earlier stage in your child’s development.

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