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Looking for the best selling book about maths, arithmetic, or numbers is like wondering into nomansland.

Math Activity Play

Getting the child involved in the planning of such an event will bring on the typical tantrums, anger anf frustration of other friends who cannot make it, thanks to other parental committments, but then, so will the cost mount. Ask a child how much the parents earn, and they will most likely tell you millioins. If only!

best books about maths for children

UK’s Best Books for Maths

A simple book about math gves the child easily approachable examples, or common knowledge base point, or terms of reference. Take the example of Abaci. He’s a child, (agee range 7-12), at this age, paramount on the child’s mind is having a great big party. But ho can a child invite to such a party. Well, class mates of course. If the child is very popular, probably all the kids raound the block within a 2 mile radius. Each child being invited has a minimum of 2 parents who engendered their being, absent or otherwise. The circle of friendship is expanding, but so is the cost of hosting such a grand party.

Aged only 2 Suri, child of Tom Cruise & Katie holmes, made international news for spending a whopping $100,000 for birthdays. Spending upto $250,000 (US), may soon be the norm

Eduational Fun & Games

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Educatiing your child to live, or plan within the limits of a budget forms the bedrock of human development. A book about math, dealing with such flimsy social events, can get a child’s mind racing to the top of his class, boost the child’s school league standing, and make one very pround patenting team.

Math, and other related activities to do with numbers is often, yet unecessarily, looked upon as a chore. However, math and other numbering activities, formes the basic core of human activity.

Best Authors for Educational Books

Nduka Onwuegbute, the British born Nigerian, wrote ‘Abaci’s Number Add-Ventures’ in 2011, marking his entry into the children author league, but also as an educational book author.

Books about maths are many on the market abound. Choosnig the right book for helping your child look at numbers favourably can be achieved by getting the child to do the sums earlier on in life.

Best book about math

When looking for the definitive best book about math, therefore, think simple activities you do, or should be doing regularly with said child.

Did you know that in 2011, the UK had 31 of the top 200 universities in the world? Wouldn’t you like your child to attend such pretigious universities? And how about getting them in for free? Well, you can with a university schorlaship. But how does one get a schorlarship. First things first, prepare your child for school.

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